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Naked Pinkster Gin

Distilled with triple the normal amounts of Juniper and only 4 other botanicals. It is was designed as the base gin for Pinkster Gin and is in effect Pinkster without the fresh raspberries; hence the name Naked Pinkster.

Gold award winner for Best London Dry at the prestigious Gin Masters 2021.

Pinkster naked. It’s what’s underneath that counts.™ flavour guidance

Impressive and Classic

A smooth classic gin distilled with triple the juniper normally used. It is all about the juniper.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: A twist of orange peel

Ideal serve: Plenty of ice, collins glass, a twist of orange peel and go easy on the tonic


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Nose:Strong juniper on the nose
Palate:Smooth and bold juniper on the tongue.
Finish:Impressive juniper finish with pepper notes in the tail
Serve:Plenty of ice, Collins glass, a twist of orange peel and go easy on the tonic