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Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon

In 2022 Citadelle introduces a new family of inspired, but unexpected gins: the aptly named “Les Excentriques!”
This first edition stars the small but mighty cornichon pickle, a true symbol of France. But not just any gherkin will do… the cornichons infused in Citadelle Original’s aromatic base come from Maison Marc, well known to foodies and fans of French terroirs.

This Burgundy-based family business grows its Cucumis sativus without insecticides, herbicides or preservatives, and picks every one by hand. These are values shared by Maison Ferrand, which has planted 2,500 juniper trees, soon certified organic, in front of its home at Château de Bonbonnet, all of which will soon be certified organic.

This first Excentrique, an ultra-limited edition dry gin, was naturally developed in the new Citadelle distillery designed by Alexandre Gabriel and entirely constructed by the château’s in-house teams. Like its predecessors, it was distilled with Citadelle’s patented process of progressive infusion of juniper berries and 19 other botanicals, as well as cornichon pickles – the first «surprise guest» of this collection of truly eccentric gins.™ flavour guidance

Punchy and Succulent

Ultra-limited edition dry gin, distilled at the Chateau de Bonbonnet with cornichons pickles from Maison Marc.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Cornichon Pickle

Ideal serve: Cornitonic (Dirty Gin Tonic) or Dirty Martini

Cornichon pickle

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Born in 1996, Citadelle Gin remains the undisputed pioneer of the craft gin category in France. Creativity has been a defining feature of the brand since its inception. Over the years, the range has grown to five expressions that reflect gin’s versatility: Original, Réserve, Old Tom, and Jardin d’Eté.

Citadelle creator Alexandre Gabriel’s dreams to grow his own citrus fruits – which play a central role in the gin’s patented recipe – expand on these environmental commitments. It won’t be long until they become a reality, as a greenhouse is already under construction next to the distillery.

Nose:Intense, herbaceous notes of juniper and aniseed, followed by the vinegar and salty dimension of the pickles
Palate:Juniper opens the way to a voluptuous and fresh flavor, salty and vinegary
Finish:Long and persistent with a subtle touch of mustard and pearl onions
Serve:Cornitonic (Dirty Gin Tonic) or Dirty Martini with Cornichon Pickle