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Renais Gin

Renais means ‘rebirth’ in French, and that’s a nod not only to how the spirit is crafted from upcycled grapes, but also the Burgundy winemaking heritage that comes before it.

Cultivated in France and Distilled in England, and inspired by a passion for Burgundy, Renais is inspired by the people, produce and provenance of burgundy, an iconic wine region in France.Balancing old and new, Renais is a modern interpretation of a heritage product – a 21st-century gin whose roots go back generations.

Everything from their production process and bottle to the spirit inside it pays homage to what came before, but lives in the here and now.

The Burgundy region is home to a wine cultivated over generations and a world-renowned terroir, and both are reborn in Renais, a vibrant and modern gin inspired by the region and it’s artisans, and imbued with the distinctive flavour of grape skins.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Bold and Bright

Bright tasting notes of white wine minerality, fresh citrus, honey, garden herbs, flowers & juniper.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Lemon twist

Ideal serve: Terroir Martini or over ice. with Lemon twist

ABV: 40%

Kimmeridgian Stone

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Palate:Balancing the minerality of a French wine with fresh citrus and juniper, warming spices, floral notes and a hint of sweetness
Serve:A bracing and vibrant dry martini with Chablis wine and lemon bitters