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Helsinki Dry Gin

Helsinki Dry Gin is an artisanal, premium gin distilled with nine choicest hand-picked botanicals including the Arctic lingonberry. Blended with the purest Finnish water, Helsinki Dry Gin is full-bodied and balanced, with aromas of the Nordic forest and floral citrus flavours.

Helsinki Dry Gin was awarded the gold medal both in 2017 and 2016 as well as the prestigious Spirit of the Year –award in 2016 at Destille Berlin, the leading craft spirits fair and competition in Europe. It is also a Category Winner as the Best Finnish Gin in the World Gin Awards 2016

The unique taste of Helsinki Dry Gin comes from Finnish lingonberries, rich Balkan juniper and Seville orange and lemon peels. Furthermore in the palate are fennel and coriander seeds, Orris root, Angelica root and a small, but important, pinch of rose petals.

The gin is distilled in a traditional strength of 47% vol. to heighten the palate and achieve a smooth, pleasant mouth feel.