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The 1495 Gin

Produced by: Maison Villevert

The 1495 recipe was unearthed by renowned gin-ologist, Philip Duff in an out-of-print Dutch language history of Jenever. The original came from the cookbook of a wealthy merchant in East Netherlands. Today the recipe can be found in the Sloane Manuscripts compiled by British physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane.

After his death in 1753 he bequeathed his collection to the nation, providing the foundation of the British Museum. These manuscripts are now in the archives of The British Library.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, oenologist, master distiller and founder of Maison Villevert said. “By taking this recipe apart and refreshing it for our modern era, we have learnt much about the long and circuitous journey that the spirit has taken through the centuries. GIN 1495 is the fundamental expression of our business.

We see the birth of gin, with a wine based spirit, in 1495 and its rebirth today in 2014. We love the idea of renaissance, of creating the future by understanding the past, of discovery, improvement and the creation of something excellent; this lies at the heart of all of our products.”

Interprětātǐo version:

  • Nose Assured aromas of juniper, citrus oil, and rich spice
  • Mouth Opulent and substantial, yet integrated and silky
  • Finish Structured, muscular, evolving to a temperate spice
Nose:Audacious, warm spice, pepper and sage
Finish:Sincere, fluid, evolving, protracted with lavender spice

Botanicals used in The 1495 Gin:

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