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B my Gin

From B my Gin

Locally grown botanicals, each one meticulously chosen for their flavours properties to create the perfect taste. Enjoy it pure on ice or a with a citrus or herbal tonic in order to experience the full characteristics.

Founder of the Gin are three friends running a bar with the largest selection of gins in South Germany and a young distiller known for his unconventional spirits. Their dedication to Gin is the origin of BmyGin

Created by il Boccone Bar, Constance.
Distilled by Florian Faude.

il Boccone
Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH
Bodanstr. 20-26
78462 Constance

Nose:Clear fresh note of citrus and spicy cardamom.
Palate:Apple, Lemon and Flowers such as Lavender and Rose.
Finish:Long Juniper with no aggressive alcoholic bite.
Serve:Lemon Peel or Cucumber Wheel.

Botanicals used in B my Gin