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Hayman’s Gently Rested Gin

From Hayman Distillers

Hayman’s Gently rested gin is wonderfully smooth, rounded and well-balanced, with peppery and spicy notes from the dominant botanicals, juniper and coriander, adding to its full-flavoured individuality.

Made to reflect the style sold in London’s ornate Gin Palaces in the 1800s, there’s a nod to the tradition that gin was sold from the cask rather than the bottle. Which they achieve by resting the gin in old Scotch Whisky barrels for just three weeks. Such short contact with wood really lifts the botanical flavours of enticing peppery spice.

Gently rested gin and ginger ale

50ml Hayman’s Gently Rested Gin
100ml Premium Ginger Ale
1. Add cubed ice to a highball glass.
2. Pour in the gin.
3. Top with 100ml Ginger Ale or to taste.
4. Garnish with lime wheels.

Food pairing

Soft and rounded yet complex, our Gently Rested Gin is wonderful paired with any number of cheeses. Its slightly peppery finish is a great match for the mild and creamy Wigmore cheese though it will stand up robustly to even the strongest of flavours.

This gin was previously known as the Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin,

Nose:Classic juniper with spicy coriander and black pepper.
Palate:Soft mouthfeel with a pleasantly warming peppery spice.
Finish:Clean and long with bright citrus, coriander and a lingering peppery warmth.
Serve:Bring out the spicy peppery notes of the gin by pairing with Ginger Ale.

Botanicals used in Hayman’s Gently Rested Gin

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