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Cream Gin

Cream Gin harks back to the days of Gin Palaces in the Victorian Era, though with an updated method of production. This gin is made using cold-distilled fresh cream as a botanical, whereas the cream was probably simply left to infuse in the gin.

The cold-distillation method means that the cream is never heated during distillation, which avoids imparting any burnt notes to the gin. Cream Gin is the core ingredient in the Worship Street Whistling Shop’s signature cocktails, the Black Cat’s Martini.

Nose:Rich, full-bodied notes of vanilla are at the core of this one, supported by light wafts of freshly peels citrus.
Palate:A creamy mouth-feel carries yet more vanilla notes.
Finish:Quite soft, with lip-smacking sweetness lasting.
Serve:We recommend as Martini.