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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin – Tea Edition

Produced by: Masons Yorkshire Gin Ltd

Dry notes of Yorkshire tea are present on the nose, with fresh, light hits as the aromas swirl around. Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a slight citrus sharpness hitting the senses.

Plenty of dry Yorkshire tea notes blast through, with fresh aniseed, cardamom and pepper making an appearance upon the long finish before the tea returns.

Made using Yorkshire Tea, ripping open teabags and adding the loose tea to the distillation. Key botanicals – Yorkshire Tea, Juniper, Cardamom, Bay leaf, Fennel seed and Szechwan Pepper

Nose:Yorkshire tea.
Palate:Aniseed and citrus.
Finish:Cardamom and szechwan pepper.
Serve/garnish:We recommend as lemon zest.

Botanicals used in Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin – Tea Edition:

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