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Gordon’s Sloe Gin

Gordon’s Sloe gin, a British classic, was first released in 1906 and builds on centuries of tradition. Using hand-picked sloes form the UK and Northern Europe, the gin is a stunning shade of deep plum and has aromas of cherry, nectarine and marzipan.

Rich and complex, with a luxurious tongue-coating texture. A harmony of bold fruit and tart berry flavours, rounded out by the dry, crisp juniper of the underlying gin and a light touch of residual sweetness.

Gordons take the finest wild sloe berries and steep them gently, before adding Gordon’s gin. The result is a wonderful tipple that marries the dryness of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness – perfect in cocktails, as an alternative G&T, or simply on its own (but always with friends!). Prepared from wild sloe berries and Gordon’s gin – Gordon’s Sloe Gin is a traditional British treasure.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Refined and Fruity

A plump and fruity gin, full of rich berry notes. Perfect in cocktails or as an alternative G&T.

Ideal mixer: Lemon Juice, Champagne and Gordons Gin

Recommended garnish: Fresh blackberries and raspberries

Ideal serve: Gordon's Bramble

ABV: 26%


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Gordon’s Bramble

25ml Gordon’s Sloe gin
25ml Gordon’s gin
25ml fresh lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup
Crushed ice
Berries to garnish
1.6 units of alcohol

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add 25ml of Gordon’s gin, 25ml of Gordon’s Sloe gin, 25ml of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup, then give it a good shake. Strain into a cool rocks glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with fresh blackberries and raspberries (frozen berries work well too).Fancy a little extra fizz? Just add 75ml champagne after shaking. Serve in a rocks glass.

Serve:Gordon's Bramble