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Booth’s Gin

After acquiring the brand, in 2019 Sazerac started to restore it to its original recipe from the 1700’s and moved the production back to the UK. The team currently use a contract manufacturer that uses a similar distillation process as the original process, utilising a historic style copper pot still.

The botanicals are soaked in pure spirit overnight with a long slow distillation to maximise the botanical flavours in the spirit.

The botanicals in the original recipe are simple – Juniper, coriander, cassia, and angelica. Careful attention is required to balance the flavours of the botanicals with the characteristics of the PX sherry casks that they are matured in.

Ageing is typically close to 30 days, as they found this was the best mix that brings out a bit of sherry/wood flavour without overpowering the Gin. After several years of work, selecting just the right blend of botanicals, refining the cuts, tasting, and blending all while comparing to historical samples from the archives they are pleased with the results.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Refined and Woody

Booth's Gin is crafted using the world's finest botanicals and exquisite sherry cask maturation.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Classic citrus lemon or orange

Ideal serve: Sipped neat or cut with sparkling spring water

ABV: 43.0%

Aged: Aged in PX sherry casks for 30 days

Sherry Cask

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Nose:Green resinous notes with pine blossom, cedar and pine, a touch of fruity florality
Palate:Clean texture, with a gentle touch of sweetness before some, floral, menthol spice, a touch of honey
Finish:Very mellow finish with a little sweet citrus
Serve:Sipped neat or cut with sparkling spring water with Classic citrus lemon or orange