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Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Gin

Nearly 17 years after Martin Miller’s Gin was first launched, 9 Moons came into fruition as a result of some experimental cocktail creations by an adventurous group of mixologists in New York.

They had put Martin Miller’s Gin into mini barrels producing stunning results. Then Martin Miller’s Gin team experimented further taking barrels of French oak to the cold, dry Icelandic climate and leaving the very special 9 Moons blend inside for varying periods.

They ultimately found that an ageing of 9 months in these conditions produced the very best Aged Gin experience.™ flavour guidance

Elegant and Oak

Juniper flavour is covered with a perfect balance of vanilla and citrus aroma. Creamy in the mouth with toasted oak in the finish.

Ideal mixer: Classic

Recommended garnish: Orange peel

Ideal serve: Neat or on the rocks

Lemon peel

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IWSC Awards:

2021 Bronze award

2020 Bronze award

Nose:Lemon peel in the first impression integrated with juniper, after the vanilla appears resulting an impressive integration
Palate:Slight sweetness with a creamy feeling
Finish:Really long with notes of oak
Serve:Neat or on the rocks with Orange peel

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