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HMS Victory Oak aged Navy Strength Gin

The is a very rare gin, featuring a piece of history. In partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the team at the Isle of Wight Distillery have recreated the style of gin imbibed by Naval Officers during the 1800s at 57% ABV.

HMS Gin was stored on board ships in oak barrels that had been used for wine. As with whisky, much of the colour, flavour and character is carried over from the oak itself.

They commissioned four oak barrels to be re-made from wine casks by Alastair Sims, England’s only Master Cooper. Each barrel contains oak stave from the HMS Victory, extracted as part of her ongoing restoration, imparting this famous ship’s true character in the gin.

The barrels were filled in May 2016 with HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin. There have been four limited edition releases; the first release was in October 2016, the second in May 2017. The third was released two years later, in May 2019, with the final batch aged for five years, and released May 2021. Each release is limited to 251 70cl bottles, as 2016 saw the 251st anniversary of the launch of the HMS Victory. Each bottle is individually numbered and presented in a locally made box with a leather handle and engraved coaster.

Nose:The nose is intense, boasting citrus and peppery notes.
Palate:A smooth and complex gin with a classic, bold style -the taste has warm spice and vibrant lemon zest.
Finish:A long layered and complex finish completes the gin, ending with a well-rounded mouthfeel. 
Serve:HMS Gin & Tonic