Testimonials from members

The Guild is the heart to which we are connected as Gin distillers, regardless of where we are in the world.”

Anand Virmani, Founder & CEO, NAO Spirits (Hapusa Himalayan Gin)

The Guild connects us all, it protects us, and it enhances our business. It is a hub for regulatory guidance, support, information, introductions, and the ability to apply pressure in the right places!

Sam Galsworthy, Co-Founder, Sipsmith

As a craft distiller I valued the chance to network and learn from other members. Now, as I represent one of the four Founder companies, I also recognise how important the Guild is to a brand, whether it is large or small. The Gin Guild is helping to nurture a vibrant and diverse gin category, to the benefit of us all.

Dr Anne Brock, Master Distiller Bombay Sapphire

The Gin Guild is an important institution and I think everyone agrees how beneficial this network is to all of us personally and professionally, as well as to the continued success of the gin category.

Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller, Hendrick’s Gin

The Gin Guild has been instrumental in guiding and protecting this splendid and rapidly expanding spirit, and it has also given us all the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy the fruits of our labours.

Desmond Payne MBE, Master Distiller Emeritus, Beefeater Gin

The Gin Guild has provided a community that I am proud to be a part of. I feel like by joining I actually became part of a family that provides constant support.”

Daniel Szor, The Cotswold Distilling Company

I think the Guild and their work is having a big impact on our development and success and I can’t tell you just how pleased we both are.”

Mark Gamble, Union Distillers (Retired)

I have never in my career seen such a gathering of gin industry players.”

Christopher Hayman, Haymans Distillers

I am fascinated by the gin industry as it is so dynamic and diverse. Joining The Gin Guild has enabled me to connect with like-minded people in the industry and opens up an array of opportunities.”

Ibolya Bakos-Tonner, Inver House Distillery, Caorunn

As a representative of family distiller William Grant and Sons it’s a great honour to be in a position where we have the opportunity through The Gin Guild to really help nurture the industry as it continues its exciting growth and explosion in innovation. We’re committed to driving excellence in the way that gin is served, as well as in the way it is distilled – because it’s integral that one supports the other.”

Duncan McRae, Hendricks Ambassador to Britain

I love gin. I would like to expand the gin market in Japan. Being part of this membership will help me remain motivated. It will also mean I’m in a good place to educate customers and bartenders more about gin and what I learn from The Gin Guild. And this should ensure customers will respect gin more than they used to.”

Hisashi Kishi, President of Japan’s Nippon Bartenders Association