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Gin Guild member testimonials

The Gin Guild New Member Quotes

“I am fascinated by the gin industry as it is so dynamic and diverse, and I am particularly enjoying the craft distilling movement at the moment.  Joining The Gin Guild has enabled me to connect with like-minded people in the industry and opens up an array of opportunities.”

Ibolya Bakos-Tonner, Inver House Distillery, Caorunn

“We love the fresh notes and strength of gin.  All gins are different and the category is so diverse with so many countries involved. At home in Russia, people need to learn more about gin as the country is so overpowered by vodka.  We want to help Russia to learn about the category and embrace it and are doing so at our Bar in St Petersburg. Becoming a member of The Gin Guild will enable us to learn more knowledge and share it.”

Ilia Astafev and Evgeny Gorbunov, Co-owners of Gin Tonic cocktail bar in St Petersburg

“As a representative of family distiller William Grant and Sons it’s a great honour to be in a position where we have the opportunity through The Gin Guild to really help nurture the industry as it continues its exciting growth and explosion in innovation.

“What’s amazing about gin is the plethora of new and exciting brands that are capturing the minds and imagination of a new generation of gin drinkers.  The trade has a huge role in delivering ideas and trends that play to this fledgling interest from new consumers, which is exciting as it is through the creativity of the trade that gin will create the stories that keeps it relevant and alluring for the generation to come. We’re in a golden age of gin once again”

“We’re committed to driving excellence in the way that gin is served, as well as in the way it is distilled – because it’s integral that one supports the other.”

Duncan McRae, Hendricks Ambassador to Britain

Hisashi Kishi, President of Japan’s Nippon Bartenders Association

Why have you joined The Gin Guild?

“Firstly, I love gin.  I would like to expand the gin market in Japan, as there is certainly a consumer demand for the spirit. In other countries vodka is leading the white spirits category but in Japan it is gin that is number one.”

What attracts you to the gin industry?

“I like that everybody in the production and consumption of gin are all closely linked together, from the distillers and bartenders to the consumers.

“The NBA has a strong association with 5,000 bartender members integrating closely with distillers and consumers, ensuring the category remains fresh.”

Are there any particular trends in gin at the moment?

“The gin market is consistently growing at the moment and there is so much potential for future growth within the category.

“There is an opportunity to create a vast variety of cocktails and mixed drinks using gin as the base spirit, as well as simpler drinks that don’t compromise on flavour. At present, gin with a dash of lime juice is a popular drink choice in Japan.”

What would you like to gain from your membership at The Gin Guild?

“Being part of this membership will help me remain motivated to expand the gin market in Japan. It will also mean I’m in a good place to educate customers and bartenders more about gin and what I learn from The Gin Guild. And this should ensure customers will respect gin more than they used to.”