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Alpine Elevated Gin

The botanicals used in Alpine Distilling’s Elevated gin are sourced from the finest locations for the recipe’s specific flavour demands. Juniper from Croatia, Coriander from Eqypt, Angelica Root from France, Cardamom from India, Ginger from Guatemala and Orange & Lemon from the US.

Their custom-built vapour extraction still allows for a proprietary balance of pressure and speed to pull only the chosen elements to produce a complex yet light, beautifully balanced botanical spirit.

This spirit is a master stroke of technique, botanical blend and design. The tasting journey celebrates each stage of aroma and taste for a full organoleptic experience that delights and serves beautifully as the foundation for outstanding cocktail creation.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Ideal serve: G&T with slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh rosemary

ABV: 45%

Spirit base: Corn


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Nose:Lemon, orange blossom, sweet, exotic spices, light pepper, honey and crisp, fresh fruit peel.
Palate:Indian spices, light juniper notes, white pepper, sweet orange, mint, cherry.
Finish:Elegant juniper tannins, smooth, spicy, refreshing, clean.