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Bareksten Botanical Gin

The black bottle of Bareksten Botanical Gin (46% ABV) hints at the deep, dark forests where the majority of the 26 botanicals are sourced.

Norway being renowned for the best quality berries in the world; juniper, lingonberries, elderberries, and blueberries are selected for their depth of taste and aroma. The herbs found amongst the pine trees add the dense dark undertones of the forest floor while the local flora of chamomile, mint arnica and elderflower provide a fresh floral nose.

Bareksten Botanical Gin is an absolute flavour-fest, with 26 botanicals, 19 of which are local. Tasting exactly as you would expect it to – of the Norwegian forest. The nose is vibrant and inviting with clear notes of fresh pine intertwined with enticing spiced undertones.

Palate:The mouthfeel of Bareksten Botanical Gin makes it great to enjoy neat
Serve:Martini with an olive or Stig & Tonic: Bareksten Gin over ice with premium tonic water, 2 cherry tomatoes halved and a few coriander leaves.