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The Fifty Pounds Gin

This is a genuine English small batch distilled gin where the careful seelection and a perfect combination of it’s natural ingredients give this gin an exceptional smoothness.

Originally named after the 1736 Gin Act which levied a fee of £50 on anyone producing gin in the UK, designed to stem the gin craze which had spread the country, the Fifty pounds contains 11 botanicals. The first 8 are the classic ones: juniper, angelica root, coriander, liquorice root, grains of paradise, lemon and orange rind, and savoury.

The 3 remaining botanicals form part of the Fifty Pounds Gin ‘secret’ recipe. It has botanicals from 4 continents.

Nose:Spirit with a predominant Juniper and Coriander nose balance with citrus and spice notes. A characteristic London Dry Gin.
Finish:Gives a good long finish with freshness and also a clean finish.
Serve:Ideal for a dry Martini.