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Cotswolds Wildflower Gin No.2

From Cotswold Distillery

Inspired by the glorious grasslands of the Cotswolds, the golden-hued No.2 Wildflower Gin is a delightful blend of gentian, lemon balm, elderflower and chamomile layered over a classic London Dry gin. Bittersweet and beautifully floral, with notes of sherbet lemons and delicate eucalyptus.™ flavour guidance

Refined and Earthy

Our No.2 Wildflower Gin is delicious served as a spritz mixed with premium tonic and a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Slice of fresh lemon or a sprig of mint.

Ideal serve: Wildflower Spritz

Gentian & Chamomile

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Nose:Sherbet lemons and a sunny earthiness with a touch of pine and juniper.
Palate:Candied lemon rind, beautifully floral with a slightly drying hint of liquorice root. Balanced and bittersweet.
Finish:Delicate floral eucalyptus and bitterness remains.
Serve:Wildflower Spritz with a slice of fresh lemon or a sprig of mint.

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