Gin Brands

Palmers Distillers Cut

Produced by: Alcohols Limited / Langley Distillery

A stunning one shot blend of 15 botanicals that have infused overnight to produce a unique gin. Early notes of juniper and coriander end up mingling with your taste buds leading to a mixture of herbs and spices with just a subtle hint of dryness.

Sumptuous fresh and floral crispness coming from lily bulb and iris roots completes a subtle and smooth lingering finish.


Other gins produced by: Alcohols Limited / Langley Distillery

Palmers London Dry Gin

The Palmers secret is our distinctive blend of seven carefully selected botanicals – a covert recipe kept close to the heart and safe by Angela’s son Adam and granddaughter Natalie. Each botanical is expertly weighed out by hand and placed,…

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