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Broken Bat Gin

Broken Bat is a limited edition version of Greater Than Gin. It is the distillery’s version of cask-aged Gin. Their classic gin has been aged with toasted Kashmir Willow sourced from crowd-sourced cricket bats and off-cuts sourced from a bat-maker in Kashmir.

The Broken Bat is an ode to India’s love for cricket in a bottle of India’s first craft gin.

It is best enjoyed all by itself on ice or topped up with Soda or Cola. Rather than use tonic, the distillers recommend drinking this in the way you would drink your favourite whisky.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Bold and Woody

Greater Than Gin from India aged in Kashmir Willow

Recommended garnish: Orange peel

Ideal serve: Neat over ice

ABV: 47%

Aged: in Kashmir Willow


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Nose:Aged leather and freshly toasted wood
Palate:Almost-ripe mangoes and sweet juniper spice
Finish:Smoky and Rich. Christmas Cake.
Serve:Neat, over ice with orange peel garnish