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Tanqueray Lovage

Distinct, Herbacious and Aromatic. Tanqueray Lovage is a bold ode to a curiously botanical recipe unearthed in Charles Tanqueray’s journals. Lovage’s perennial bloom and deeply aromatic flavours make for a distinctively savoury taste, tingling with a herbaceous heart. This truly is a gin with a spring in its sip!.

Inspired by an original recipe
100% Grain neutral spirits

Tanqueray Lovage is the latest limited edition from Tanqueray, created with Jason Crawley to be the perfect complement to modern cocktails. Just 100,000 bottles have been produced.

Tanqueray Lovage is a based on a recipe from the 1830s, created by Charles Tanqueray – they then partnered with renowned bartender and inventor Jason Crawley to bring back to life this historical gin, and give a glimpse in the ingenious mind of Charles Tanqueray himself.