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Brighton Gin

From Brighton Gin

Small batch, super-premium, award-winning Brighton Gin – distilled beside the seaside –is genuinely hand made from the purest grain spirit, juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed and milk thistle, which is indigenous to the South Downs and renowned for its kindness to the liver function.

Each bottle is filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand, the distinctive blue/green colour being that of Brighton’s famous seafront railings.

Versatile and adaptable, Brighton Gin also works brilliantly as a Martini and is exceptional as part of a Negroni. This is a subtle, ruminative gin and, thanks to its softness, Brighton Gin is also delicious sipped neat, over ice with a slice of orange.™ flavour guidance

Smooth and Citrus

Brighton Gin is super smooth, gentle and approachable and is mellow enough to be sipped neat over ice.

Ideal mixer: Light tonic or soda

Recommended garnish: Slice of orange

Ideal serve: Brighton Gin 50ml, Tonic 100ml, plenty of ice and a slice of orange


Information provided by brand owner. Framework provided by The Gin Guild.

Nose:Juniper-led, with citrus and light spice from the coriander
Palate:Exceptionally smooth mouth-feel, warmth from the juniper, followed by gentle smooth citrus and distinct orange and lime notes
Finish:Exceptionally long finish, especially when sipped neat
Serve:Brighton Gin 50ml, Tonic 100ml, plenty of ice and a slice of orange with Slice of orange