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    Individual Membership

    Individual members join the Gin Guild as Rectifiers. To be eligible for membership, a nominee must have had a material service or association with the gin industry and have made a positive contribution to the management, promotion, development, production, sales, marketing or distribution of gin, or its academic study and spirits industry training.

    Details of an applicant’s service or association with the gin industry, giving details and dates, will be provided to the Guild Management Committee to ascertain whether the applicant is eligible for the honour of Guild membership.

    Applications for the Gin Guild membership also require support from two suitable industry referees who must have known the applicant for not less than two years (these do not need to be Guild members). Both referees will be required to complete their details and also sign the application.

    Individual applicants have the option of paying a one-off fee of £1,500 for life membership, or paying a joining fee of £125 and an annual fee of £200. All fees are expressed net of VAT.

    After 10 years of annual membership, individual membership will automatically be converted to life membership.

    Corporate Membership

    Brand owners and producers (subject to minimum net annual gin sales of £50,000 per annum), are eligible to join in the corporate rank of Warden Rectifier.

    Warden Rectifier status entitles the corporate holder to also nominate one person (free of charge) employed by the Warden’s company, as a Rectifier (which additional membership will continue for so long as the status of Warden Rectifier is maintained and the relevant fees are paid).

    The Gin Guild fees for Warden Rectifiers are based on sales, on a variable scale, reflecting both branded and own label sales. The basic annual fee for Warden Rectifiers is £750 (there is a reduced fee for small/new companies). The basic fee covers net gin sales up to £1m. All fees are expressed net of VAT.

    On receipt of the required sales information the Director General can advise the applicable fee. Please note that the sales/financial information (on which the scale fees are based), are confidential and will only be known to the Guild Director General and if necessary to the Guild hon. treasurer – neither of whom work for a gin industry company. This is as prescribed by the Gin Guild board.