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Fords Gin Officers’ Reserve

Over-proof gin was traditionally reserved for the officers of the British Royal Navy, and was virtually always stored in casks. Characteristics from the barrel undoubtedly would have imparted to the potation, despite the short period, as gin would never last very long. Fleet aging, accompanied by the punch of being over-proof, would create a more robust and flavourful spirit. This plausible logic inspired the makers to embark on their latest project, ‘Journeys in Gin,’ with Fords Gin Officers’ Reserve as the Maiden Voyage and additional expeditions on the horizon.

Distilled in London at Thames Distillers, Fords Gin is a collaboration between 10th generation master distiller Charles Maxwell and gin expert Simon Ford.

This gin is rested in 64 litre Amontillado Sherry casks for three weeks and blended with unaged Fords Gin to balance rich wood notes, with fresh botanicals.  It is a boldly-flavoured gin for full-bodied cocktails.

Nose:Juniper and citrus notes lead the way to a complex layering of aromas. There is a subtle bouquet of baking spices, plums, and caramel. The aging characteristics are present, yet delicate, and very pleasant on the nose despite being higher proof.
Palate:A slight sweetness at the tip of the tongue reminiscent of raw honey with citrus oil to complement. Multilayered notes of botanicals and spices make for a sophisticated and enjoyable spirit. The prominent juniper and coriander notes are accompanied by a slight nuttiness, orange peel and fig characteristics, and finishes with the slightest undertone of ginger.
Finish:A harmonious and lengthy finish showcasing the vibrant notes of orange peel, honey, and walnuts.
Serve:Officers' Fresh Gimlet with floating lime wheel