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Mombasa Colonel’s Reserve

Mombasa Gin Club Colonel’s Reserve is a special limited edition in homage to this particular breed of men who were able to take the Victorian British Empire through its most glorious period, reaching world fame and recognition.

Mombasa Club Colonel’s Reserve Gin is distilled following the traditional method known as batch distillation. The grain is all sourced from the UK, it is predominately wheat with some barley. No rye is used at all. After three distillations the botanicals are left to macerate for 48 hours before the final distillation is produced in the Tom Thumb 500 litre Pot Still. This prolonged period allows the alcohol to extract much more flavours and oils from the botanicals and gives a much more intense and roundness to the final product.

During the last third of the 19th Century, important British officials were stationed in the main Eastern commercial seaport, the strategic coastal city of Mombasa in Kenya, where, in 1885, they founded the first private social club: The legendary Mombasa Club which reached great fame and popularity as an inviting, idyllic meeting and relaxation place, where the members held lively debates and exchanged news along with their gins & tonics.

In tribute to some of their members, men such as Colonel Alfred Astley Pearson, Colonel and Engineer J.H. Patterson or General and Consul John Kirk, who, in addition to carrying out the works demanded of them by their rank, were able to complete the vital infrastructure construction necessary for the development of the area. But their greatest achievement, their most famous perhaps, was to definitively establish order and coexistence throughout the Eastern strip of Africa after putting an end to the disputes, through dialogue and understanding, with the different tribal groups and, therefore, being able to abolish the slave trade and making Mombasa a place where the Western world blended with the ever exotic African world.

Nose:On the nose, it unveils the subtlety of the most exotic botanic species; Caraway seed, Cassia bark, Coriander seed. Wrapped in slightly spicy aromas of Clove and Cumin and with a very notable, long-lasting background of Juniper berries.
Palate:A floral intense nose. On the palate spicy but elegant with a long finish. The Calamus adds depth and some herbaceous tones and the oils help round out the final coupage giving a well-rounded and harmonious gin that can be consumed neat.
Finish:A London Distilled Dry Gin painstakingly developed and produced in small batches in Thames Distiller’s 500 litre Tom Thumb Still. While retaining a family connection to Mombasa Club adds an extra degree of elegance and sophistication.