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G’vine Floraison

From Maison Villevert

  • The luxury French gin made from grape.
  • Round, soft, vibrantly floral.
  • Once a year, for a few days only, the vine flower blossoms to life: this period is called Floraison in French.
  • G’Vine Floraison captures the essence of this ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance, and the warmth of the summer arrival.
  • The delicate, aromatic vine flower together with the smooth grape spirit combined to the traditional juniper berry and 8 other botanicals make it a well-balanced, full bodied and soft gin.
  • Deliciously refreshing and appreciated by gin and non gin-drinkers alike.
Nose:The delicate aromas of cardamom and ginger are followed by smooth, subtle verdant flavors with flowers and spice.
Finish:A fresh zesty taste of juniper, cardamom and ginger.
Serve:The perfect fit for a Gin & Tonic, the drink du jour: simply fill a large wine glass with ice and pour in 40ml of G’Vine Gin. Top with premium tonic water and garnish with three white grapes.

Botanicals used in G’vine Floraison:

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