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Trevethan Chauffeur’s Reserve Gin

A complex and fragrant gin that Norman kept for his most esteemed family and friends. A gin to be savoured, not sessioned on at 57%, it is an exquisite representation of a Navy strength spirit.

The recipe contains the same 10 botanicals as Trevethan’s classic Original, but they increase the quantities by 30% so more botanical oil engulfs the liquids. So when that extra kick of Navy Strength finish hits you, is still the same beautifully smooth texture that you expect from a Trevethan Distillery gin.

Nose:Quintessential gin flavours and aromas
Palate:Bold juniper hits first becoming lighter with hints of pine and citrus, vanilla and gorse bring a smooth mouthfeel
Finish:A long crisp dry finish.
Serve:G&T with a large twist of Orange peel and a sprig of rosemary