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Berkeley Square London Dry Gin

From Quintessential Brands G&J Distillers

Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is an ultra premium gin distilled in small batches using the small copper still No. 8. As a gin it has been distilled to be smooth enough to be sip neat.

The gin is distilled using the unusual method of ‘bouquet garni’ where hand-picked botanicals, including sage, lavender, kaffir lime leaves and basil, are wrapped in muslin and submerged in triple distilled spirit to help infuse the herbaceous aromas.

Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is produced in one of the oldest distilleries in the UK, G&J Distillers, in Cheshire.


Nose:Rich herbaceous aroma, balanced with earthy notes and a lime citrus finish.
Finish:Medium to long, with a pepper finish.

Botanicals used in Berkeley Square London Dry Gin:

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