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Stranger & Sons Indian Spirited Gin

An ode to India’s spices, Stranger & Sons is the debut spirit from Third Eye Distillery—an independent distillery planted in Ponda, Goa (that also plays spiritual home to Stranger & Sons). The recipe details 9 Indian botanicals, the majority of which are sourced from farms along the Malabar and Konkan Coast and give it its distinctly robust flavour.

Stranger & Sons celebrates contemporary India and its cultural diversity – the colours, the customs, the chaos and the peaceful co-existence of it all.

The ‘Stranger’ in the name is a nod to this wonderful Indian strangeness and the ‘& Sons’ is the common suffix of traditional Indian family-owned businesses that are inherited by each new generation. Launched by three family members, Stranger & Sons is a tribute to these inherited businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in most Indians.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Bold and Aromatic

Stranger & Sons is robust with generous flavours, freshness from Gondhoraj, oranges and spice from pepper and coriander with mace.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: A slice of ginger

Ideal serve: Gibsons & Gimlets

ABV: 42.8%

Gondhoraj, Indian Bergamont
Pepper, Mace

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Nose:Has fresh citrus and juniper aromas
Palate:Bold flavours of nutmeg, mace, pepper and cassia
Finish:Warm of sweet finish due to liquorice and angelica
Serve:Stranger & Sons 45ml, top up with tonic and a slice of ginger