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Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Truly handmade, complex & bursting with flavour. First the team at Sipsmith distil their award-winning London Dry Gin on our copper stills. Then they leave it to rest on wild sloe berries, picked in the autumn. The result is a truly handmade sloe gin that is subtle, complex and bursting with flavour.

Each autumn their sloe berries are picked, frozen and then left to rest with our London Dry Gin. Year-on-year the harvests vary due to the ever changing, unpredictable English weather. Much like a good wine, every vintage that they produce has its own wonderfully unique character.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Nuanced and Fruity

A truly artisan sloe gin made with real fruit not juice; that is subtle, complex and bursting with flavour.

Ideal mixer: Citrus tonic

Recommended garnish: Orange Wheel

Ideal serve: Sloe gin and bitter lemon

ABV: 29%


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Nose:Gorgeous redcurrant and ripe winter fruits with stone-fruit almond.
Palate:Cassis comes through with soft cherry hints and a rounded fruitiness.
Finish:Velvety mouthfeel and balanced sweetness.
Serve:Lemon tonic with a slice of orange. Sloe Royale.