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Cotswolds Old Tom Gin

From The Cotswold Distilling Company Ltd

The Cotswolds Old Tom Gin is in keeping with a traditional Old Tom, and has sweet, woody notes from liquorice root, light spice from ginger, zesty orange citrus and a hint of cardamom.

Their Old Tom originally started with a competition at the distillery, whereby each member of the new product development team spent 4 weeks carefully creating and tasting different recipes. They then got together a tasting panel who rated each finished recipe by preference for further development.™ flavour guidance

Smooth and Sweet

Our Old Tom has sweet, woody notes from liquorice root, light spice from ginger, zesty citrus and a hint of cardamom.

Ideal mixer: Mediterranean tonic

Recommended garnish: Slice of orange


Information provided by brand owner. Framework provided by The Gin Guild.

Nose:Sweet, woody notes from liquorice root
Palate:Light spice from the ginger and zesty orange citrus
Finish:Rounded off with a hint of cardamom
Serve:Serve with Mediterranean tonic with a slice of orange

Botanicals used in Cotswolds Old Tom Gin

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