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BLOOM London Dry Gin

BLOOM premium London Dry Gin is a delicate, floral gin created by Master Distiller, Joanne Moore.  It was inspired by nature and the flowers of an English country garden.

This gin is distilled in a traditional copper pot still with a secret combination of seven botanicals added by hand including chamomile, honeysuckle and the citrus fruit pomelo.  These are allowed to rest and macerate to re-hydrate the botanicals.

BLOOM Gin is distilled by only the 7th Master Distiller in the 250 years in which G&J Distillers has been producing fine gin.™ flavour guidance

Elegant and Floral

BLOOM London Dry Gin combines chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo to create a uniquely light and floral gin.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Strawberries

Ideal serve: Best enjoyed with premium tonic water and garnished with quartered strawberries.

Chamomile & Honeysuckle

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IWSC Awards:

  • 2022 Bronze award
  • 2021 Bronze award
  • 2020 Silver award
Nose:Distinctive aromas of chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo combine to give a fresh and fragrant gin.
Palate:A distinctively light and floral gin, with a touch of sweetness.
Finish:Citrus finish with no aggressive alcohol bite.
Serve:Best enjoyed with premium tonic water and garnished with quartered strawberries