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Cannonball Gin

From Ian Macleod Distillers

The navy proof Cannonball Gin is the first ever speciality gin to be made at the Edinburgh Gin Distillery – it is a real blast from the past, and at 57% ABV it resurrects an old-style of gin commissioned by the British Navy.

The team at Spencerfield Spirit have of course given it their own distinctive twist with some tasting help from the team at Heads & Tales Gin Emporium.

Cannonball by name and by nature, this is one strong tipple and an intensely flavoured treat. Heady with unique botanicals, there’s a powerful kick of Szechuan pepper and double-strength juniper to counteract the high alcohol content.

Originally required to be 57% ABV so as to not render gunpowder useless, this variety of gin chimes with Edinburgh’s iconic cannons and gun-firing tradition.

They’ve combined their Art Deco sentiments with an nod to Edinburgh, and you’ll also see a canon magnified by the gin itself – you could say it’s a warning of what’s held inside…

As for how to drink it, what better way to appreciate the full force of 57% ABV gin and punchy botanicals than in the classic Martini?

Nose:Big juniper with background spicy notes.
Finish:Very long with the spiciness lingering on the palette.
Serve:We recommend as Dry Martini; 50ml Cannonball and 5ml dry vermouth + 2-3 drops orange bitters, stirred over ice and strained into glass with a lemon peel garnish.

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