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Plymouth Navy Strength

From Plymouth Gin

When gunpowder goes bang, the ’proof’ of the alcohol strength is at least 100 proof (114 US proof) or 57% alcohol by volume. Therefore, gunpowder was used as the test for ’proving’ there was the expected level of alcohol in the clear liquid.

Plymouth Gin Navy Strength first went to sea in 1793 with the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy Supply Offices ’Pussers’ needed to check what they were buying was what they had ordered.

For some it is the ultimate gin, with a rich but balanced taste that takes a Martini or a Gin and Tonic to a new level, perfect for the demands of today’s more adventurous spirit drinkers and mixologists. The 57% ABV amplifies the aroma and fragrance of the botanicals, yet retains the smooth and balanced character Plymouth gin is renowned for.

Information provided by brand owner. Framework provided by The Gin Guild.

Nose:Intense, bold and fresh aroma of juniper followed by notes of coriander and cardamom.
Finish:Aromatic, long and rich.
Serve:Enjoy Navy Strength in your favourite cocktail, or in classic drinks such as a Pink Gin or a Gimlet, reputedly created by the British Royal Navy for medicinal purposes.