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Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean Gin

From Hope Distillery

The Mediterranean variety of the Hope on Hopkins gin is influenced and inspired by Mediterranean flavours, and is considered the most complex of the HoH gin selection.

It is savoury by nature an made from a triple distilled grape spirit. It is infused with olives, rosemary, basil, thyme and cardamom with overriding citrus notes and hints of juniper.

It truly is a savoury gin, if you love olives, serve it “dirty” in a gin and tonic with a green olive and a dash of brine, or else serve in a gin and tonic with a slice of orange, sprig of basil or an olive and rosemary.

Nose:A salty, savoury nose with olive notes and cardamom
Palate:Complex and savoury with olives, citrus and fresh herbs
Finish:Lingering olive notes with fresh basil
Serve:A gin and tonic with a green olive, a slice of orange or a sprig of basil; or perfect in a dirty martini