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Height Of Arrows Heavy Gin

When the team at Holyrood Distillery create whisky they use malts that have been toasted which changes their characteristics and therefore the flavour that they impart on their spirit.

This led them to explore how they could apply this thinking to create a new expression of Height of Arrows. In the same way as using toasted malt, roasting spices has long been known to extract more complex flavour. So in the Heavy recipe they roast the juniper, extracting more flavour to build a gin with big and robust flavour.

A small addition of sugar after distillation brings balance, and a subtle sweetness.

Nose: Dark pine and orange peel. A slight floral presence with a woody herbacious notes.
Palate: Sweet and creamy immediately, with a distinct floral sweetness. The texture is syrupy and rich, coating the mouth.
Finish: Savoury notes emerge with cracked black pepper, and further herbal notes.
Serve:The Princetown