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The East India Company London Dry Gin

For the true gin explorer… The pioneering East India Company and history of gin is inextricably linked.

From the original East India Company ships returning to port ladened with exotic botanicals and rare spices, so vital for a London Dry style gin. To the ingenuity of those early company officers living in India who added water, sugar, lime with a splash of gin to quinine, making a palatable concoction to ward off malaria, and so creating the famous G & T.

Today’s East India Company is proud to offer explorers the opportunity to discover the delightful fusion of East and West botanicals with tonic or set their own way.

Distilled and produced in London, UK for the East India Company Gin Limited.™ flavour guidance

Refined and Citrus

Blending 12 botanicals: six evoking The East India Company travels including galangal, amchur and long pepper, with six classic botanicals.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: A twist of lemon or orange peel

Ideal serve: Classic G & T


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Nose:Fresh, mineral and piney juniper with citrus, galangal and subtle warm spice.
Palate:Clean and fresh with elements of spice from the nutmeg and galangal. Delicate juniper blends with a hint of sweetness from the liquorice and sweet orange.
Finish:Rounded, warm with a gentle pepper spice.
Serve:Classic G & T with a twist of lemon or orange peel