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Address:Maison Villevert,
Merpins 16100
Telephone:+33 5 45 35 32 00

Raised in the French vineyards, between Bordeaux and Cognac, the founder, owner and Master Distiller of Maison Villevert, Jean Sébastien Robicquet, is passionate about wine and spirits, and possesses a brazen commitment to the art of fine living.

His family legacy is built on many generations who have lived in this renowned French wine region. It was this legacy that determined Jean Sébastien’s calling and enabled him to pursue his sincere passion for the vine. He obtained his oenology diploma in 1988 and continued his studies in the Master of Law, Economics and Management of the Wine industry in Bordeaux, a degree with which he graduated in 1990.

After 11 years in at LVMH and William Pitters, Jean Sébastien Robicquet pooled his technical competencies and his business acumen to form in EWG in 2001, now named Maison Villevert. Based in Villevert, a 16th century family manor in Cognac, Robicquet now freely and energetically expresses his vision of the spirits universe by creating contemporary and ultra-premium products, with one motto:  “Grapes ennobling the spirits category”.

One of the first expressions of this vision was the creation of G’Vine  Gin de France, in 2005, when Gin was not yet back on the forefront of the international drinks scene.

Blending French wine traditions and culture with innovation is the essence of Maison Villevert. Its exquisite liquids and “savoir-faire” are internationally acknowledged and make the independent company the most dynamic independent organizations in the French “spirits valley”, the Cognac region.