Cardamom, sometimes called cardamon, is a spice consisting of the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae. Both genera are native to India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan; they are recognised by their small seed pods, triangular in cross-section and spindle-shaped, with a thin, papery outer shell and small black seeds.

Guatemala, where the German coffee planter Oscar Majus Kloeffer introduced Indian cardamom before World War I, has become the biggest producer and exporter of cardamom in the world, followed by India. Some other countries, such as Sri Lanka, have also begun to cultivate it. Elettaria pods are light green, while Amomum pods are larger and dark brown.

Latin name:Elletaria Cardamomum
Origin:Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Southern India (Kerela)
Harvest time:Oct ober - February
How is it harvested:Pods are picked from the plant by hand and then dried. The pods can then be crushed to reveal the black cardamom seed.
Other uses:Food Trade, Arabic coffee and perfumery

Gins containing Cardamom