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Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin

Address:Hendrick's Gin Distillery Ltd
The Girvan Distillery
KA26 9PT
Telephone:+44 20 8332 1188

Brainchild of 5th generation distillers William Grant & Sons, Hendrick’s Gin spearheaded the gin renaissance when it launched in 1999. Hendrick’s is the number one super premium gin in the world.

Hendrick’s is a distilled comprised from a proprietary recipe featuring 11 botanicals collected from the four corners of the world.  Master Distiller Miss Lesley Gracie utilises two types of still in the creation of Hendrick’s; traditional “Bennet” style, and rarer “Carterhead” style.

By blending the contrasting distillates together she is able to achieve a rare union of lightness and complexity that is finally consummated with the infusion of essences of Bulgarian rose and carefully selected cucumbers.

Hendrick’s is distilled in their “Gin Palace” located in the tiny seaside town of Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland.