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Hendrick’s Gin Palace

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Hendrick’s Gin Palace

Located within the grounds of one of Scotland’s most prestigious grain whisky distilleries (Girvan) lies the Hendrick’s Gin Palace. Every drop of Hendrick’s consumed around the world has flowed through the stills contained within the distillery under the watchful eye of Master Distiller, Miss Lesley Gracie.

The Hendrick’s distillery has a rather unusual assemblage of traditional “Bennett” Style and rarer “Carterhead” style distillation. The leaders of this peculiar ensemble are a contrasting pair of antique copper stills purchased at auction in London by Charles Gordon in 1966 (the great grandson of William Grant). The two forms of distillation produce different styles of gin (from the same botanicals) which are then blended together before being finally consummated with the essences of Rose and Cucumber.

The Gin Palace site boasts a state of the art laboratory where a technical team work on continuous innovation and uphold consistency through botanical analysis.

The Hendrick’s Gin Palace is not open to the public for visits.