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Starting a gin distillery the smart way

Katherine Smart

The smart approach. What to do and what not to do, from a team that has just done it.

Professor Katherine Smart
Surrey Copper Distillery Limited

Before Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Preparing For A Change of Career
The Decision To Commit
From Commitment To The Start
Chapter One: Our Distillery Vision
A family Business
Become An Admired Spirits Business
Bring History to Life
Produce Spirits of Distinction
Chapter Two: Preparation
Licence To Distil
101 declarations….
Licence to Thrill
Label Preparation
The Duty Stamp
Financing Your Venture
Insurance and More
Chapter Three: Essential First Steps
The Site
Site Layout
The Spirit Laboratory
– The Still
The Distillery Name and Branding
Communicate Your Existence
Social Media
Press releases
Launch Events