Surrey Copper Distillery

Operated by:Surrey Copper Distillery
Address:222 Dunsfold Park
Telephone:(0)1483 921 121


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Copperfield London Dry Gin

In line with gins of the 18th century just 10 carefully selected botanicals are used (juniper, angelica, orris root, liquorice, cubeb berries, lemon peel, elderflower, caraway, cardamom and coriander). Juniper rich, lightly floral with woody spice Copperfield London Dry Gin is round and smooth with good complexity and length. It has been developed Copperfield as a ‘sipping gin’ that can be enjoyed unmixed over ice but which also marries well with selected premium tonics.  A special thistle shaped glass has been selected to enhance the olfactory experience.  It is based on a vintage design. Copperfield lends itself wonderfully to classic martinis as the gin’s delicate floral notes blend well with aromatic vermouths. The ‘perfect serve’ (the best possible way of lengthening the drink, simply and consistently, whether in a bar or at home) Copperfield gin is hand-bottled and hand-labelled.  Its distinctive book-shaped bottle perfectly fits the hand for pouring. It is embellished with a stunning illustration of interwoven botanicals overlaid with rich copper foiling and pays homage to book covers from the late nineteenth century.  It is elegant and utterly unmistakable. Referencing its literary inspiration, the side profile of the Copperfield bottle is designed to look like the spine of…

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