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Casting an Eagle eye on the US gin scene

Stephen Gould

Golden Moon Distillery – Maison De La Vie, Ltd. was founded by Stephen Gould and Dr Karen Knight in early 2008, specifically to produce premium hand-crafted herbal liquors and liqueurs using the best available herbs, spices and botanicals, and made with the same type of artisan production processes utilised by distillers making premium products in the mid-to-late 1800s.

The heart of Golden Moon Distillery is Mr. Gould’s world-class research library containing hundreds of rare books on distillation and related products and processes, some dating back to the 1500s. Most of the collection dates from the late 1700s to the early 1900s, though there are a few titles that are much older, or newer.

Maison De La Vie stills include four antique stills which date from the early to mid-1900’s. Maison De La Vie uses environmentally friendly packaging and business practices as much as possible. We source as many
materials as we can from local producers (reducing shipping and the related carbon footprint), and are working with local wineries to utilize some of their cast-off materials in our production and packaging processes. Our solid waste from our distilling processes is used as compost and feed by local farmers and gardeners. We produce Gin, Absinthe, Grappa, Apple Jack and Specialty Liquors / Liqueurs including our Crème de Violette and Amer dit Picon.

Stephen Gould is joined by David T Smith, Bernadette Pamplin

Stephen Gould will be illustrating his session on American Gin with samples from the following brands: Anchor Distilling Company - Junipero Aviation American Gin - Aviation Gin Leopold Bros - Leopold's Gin St. George Spirits - Terroir Gin FEW Spirits Distillery - Breakfast Gin Golden Moon Distillery/Maison De La Vie Ltd - Golden Moon

Anchor Distilling Company – Junipero
Junipero gin is flavoured with over 12 different botanicals which are redistilled in a small copper still. The botanicals include coriander, liquorice and juniper.

Aviation American Gin – Aviation Gin
The gin takes a Dutch style rye spirit base combined with juniper, lavender, anise, sarsaparilla, orange peel and cardamom. The botanicals are steeped in grain spirit for 48 hours before they are redistilled. 

Leopold Bros – Leopold’s Gin
Small Batch American gin, made using “hand-zested American pummelos”. They only make 50 cases of this a year, so it really is small batch.

 St. George Spirits – Terroir Gin
A botanical selection including Douglas Fir, Coastal sage and Californian bay laurel gives it a magical nose that makes you really feel like you’re stood in a Californian forest

FEW Spirits Distillery – Breakfast Gin
Steven Kaplan set about making the perfect morning gin. Coffee was considered, but it was tea that won out as he decided upon an Earl Grey tea bergamot-forward recipe.

Golden Moon Distillery/Maison De La Vie Ltd – Golden Moon
Golden Moon Gin is distilled including wild-crafted mint and juniper berries, and locally grown herbs and botanicals from the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Golden Colorado. It has a highly floral aroma and a gentle refined taste. It is smooth enough to drink neat and bold enough to mix well with other spirits, making wonderful cocktails.