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The importance of ABV? The percentage game

Joanne Moore

Many newer gins are moving away from the 37.5% and even 40% ABV norms – to impress or for good purpose?

Joanne Moore, Master Distiller of G&J Distillers, the world’s oldest active gin distillers, part of the international spirits group Quintessential Brands.

Joanne is responsible for the creation of four international gins: BLOOM, Berkeley Square London Dry, Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin and Thomas Dakin Gin, and for the distillation of Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin, as well as a number of other brands.

Since 1996, Joanne Moore has worked with G&J Distillers (formerly G&J Greenall’s) beginning as Quality Controller and quickly advancing to Quality Manager. It is within this role that Joanne developed her passion for new product development. Joanne is celebrating 10 years as Master Distiller in 2016.

  • Recap on the gin market today
  • Understand why originally 37.5% ABV – The history
  • The role of alcohol in gin
  • The Distiller’s view
  • The Trade’s view
  • The Consumer’s view
  • Conclusion