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Growing Pains – The journey from kitchen to micro distillery

Ben Marston

The journey from kitchen to micro distillery. A guide for distillery startups
Dead kings, grotesque gins and mighty big explosion.

Founded by husband and wife team Ben and Kate Marston, Puddingstone Distillery, the first ever gin distillery in Hertfordshire, opened its doors to the public in November 2016. The development of classic gin styles, albeit with contemporary twists, a strong sustainability ethos and collaborations with wildlife and conservation trusts in alignment with their “outdoors brand”, has led to many accolades.

With a number of International spirits awards, and recently winner of the 2019 World’s Best Martini Challenge,this tiny distillery is forging a reputation for innovation and quality. Campfire London Dry Gin, Navy Strength, Barrel Aged and Old Tom. Seasonal specials are based around collaborations with conservation and wildlife trusts. Puddingstone are the first to use a non-native invasive plant species as a botanical and this year will be embarking on a project using juniper cultivated in their home county

Unit 1, Artisan Workshops, P E Mead & Sons Farm Shop
Lower Icknield Way, Wilstone, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 4NTT
01442 502033 M 07932 606282