Vánagandr Distillery Operated by: Vánagandr Destilerías S.L.

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La Telva, 13ª
Bajo Izqda
15181 Cambre
A Coruña

Tel: +34 981 653 457

Email: compras@vanagandr.com

Website: https://www.vanagandr.com

Vánagandr Distillery emerged as a project that focuses on the distillation of high quality spirits, striving for excellence and product differentiation, with attention to every detail.

We create London Dry Gin, we opted for a traditional distillation following the artisan experience of Galician distillers without losing the essence of traditional gin that we want to preserve.

Our Pot Still made by the finest craftsmen, captures the essence of the distillate so slowly, with very small batches. It is an entirely handcrafted process .

We invite you to discover our small distillery and to do a tasting with us. Cheers!

We have built our distillery from scratch and to choose our still we have spoken to manufacturers from all over the world… but in the end we have returned to the origins of distillation with a traditional copper still, preserving the spirit of Galician distillate and uniting us to the long tradition of distillers of our community.

For this we opt for a traditional distillation following the artisan experience of the distillate in Galicia, our alembic captures the essence of the distillate in a leisurely way, a distillation lasts about 12 hours and the result is tested before going on to hydrate and rest before bottling.

Vanagandr London Dry Gin Bottle label

Vánagandr Destilerías S.L still