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Selling the stuff! Branding & marketing in a promiscuous purchasing environment

Olivier Ward


  • Making Gin is EASY!
  • Well, it’s a lot easier than selling it…
  • Making great Gin is really hard!
  • Understanding what a “brand” means
  • Multiple strings are needed to be Three Dimensional
  • They can be complex ideas
  • They tend to lean on purchase triggers
  • What do successful brands have in common?
  • What can a good brand do?

Gin Foundry is a hub for those who seek out more information about the spirits they’re drinking; not just how they taste, but how they’re made and by whom. As well as reviews, they share news, insight, interviews and cocktail recipes to keep their readers up to date as the category evolves.

Gin Foundry now has a raft of projects to its name: The Ginvent Calendar, Junipalooza (back at Tobacco Dock on the 10th and 11th June (over World Gin Day 2017), the Ginfographic and the Ginsmith Awards, as well as a sister shop  – Gin Kiosk. They also provide workshops and master classes for those interested in opening their own distilleries

As editor and co-founder of Gin Foundry, Olivier Ward edits all content on the website. With years of experience building drinks brands, distilling Gin and creating and hosting events celebrating the category, he is well placed to comment on the category, and does his best to cast a positive light on the spirit and those making it.

Olivier also delivers consultancy work for those seeking to open their own distilleries and hosts frequent ‘how to open a distillery’ workshops at Gin Foundry HQ. He holds a Level 2 Award in Spirits from the WSET and is Channel 4’s resident Gin Expert on Sunday Brunch.