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Ripples From Across the Pond – Gin and variants viewed from the USA

Natasha Bahrami

Gin and variants viewed from the USA, including observations on:

  • Distilled – Redistilled – Compounded
  • Zero ABV / Low ABV / Canned Cocktails (RTDs)
  • The flavoured gin market

Natasha Bahrami is the owner of The Gin Room in St. Louis, Missouri, a bar with hundreds of world gins on its shelves which also hosts gin seminars and workshops to engage and educate drinkers. She is also the founder of The Gin World, a platform designed for the ‘exchange and expansion of knowledge’ on the world of gin, which hosts gin festivals featuring educational programmes with distillers and brand ambassadors.

Natasha was recently inducted into the Gin Magazine Hall of Fame, for her work elevating gin, teaching its fans more about the spirit and introducing more people to the category.

Natasha Bahrami is a Rectifier in the Gin Guild Filmed as part of the virtual Ginposium 2021 sessions for The Gin Guild