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Exporting your Gin – advice from UKTI

Tony Lamb

UKTI Sector Specialist Food & Drink

Tony Lamb leads the food and drink UK Trade & Investment team in the GREAT British Food Unit. He joined the food and drink team in January 2016, having previously led the UK Trade & Investment team on transport  infrastructure where he was involved in delivering High Value Opportunity (HVOs) projects in the rail and airport sector.

Tony has extensive experience of working in UK Trade & Investment. Prior to his work on transport infrastructure he was head of the Latin America team in UK Trade & Investment headquarters, which had a strong focus on engagement with emerging economies in the region such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. He also led UK trade & Investment’s work on promoting trade and investment with Austria and Slovakia whilst based in at the British Embassy in Vienna.

The Export Support Landscape in the UK

UKTI’s global presence

UKTI teams identify business opportunities around the world. They support businesses throughout the UK.

UKTI has more than 1,200 staff in over 100 overseas markets and around 400 people across UK regions, working locally to support UK businesses and overseas investors.

The Export Support Landscape in the UK

Our Services

FTE’s – First Time Exporters

  • Passport to Export
  • 12 Month mentoring Programme with an ITA
  • UKTI E-exporting Programme
  • Support to develop your e-com and social presence
  • Online Learning Tool
  • Export Savvy
  • Export Insight Visits
  • ‘soft market’ mini-trade missions
  • SME’s – Small to Medium Enterprises
  • UKTI E-exporting Programme
  • Support to develop your e-com and social presence
  • Export Communications Review
  • Tailored review of marketing and promotion
  • Export Market Research Scheme
  • Support for in-depth research projects
  • Overseas Market Introduction Service
  • Research carried out by our global network

MSB’s – Medium Sized Businesses

  • UKTI E-exporting Programme
  • Support to develop your e-com and social presence
  • Medium Sized Business Programme
  • Specialist MSB Advisers
  • Sector Specialist Support

Open to Export

Open to Export is a new and innovative community service where companies can get the support to take their business overseas.

  • get bespoke answers to meet their business needs in new markets;
  • access practical information on all the important export topics from getting started through to cultural essentials;

Overview of UKTI

  • Who & where

Our Services

  • The support we offer

Food & Drink within UKTI

  • Sector specific work

Food is GREAT

  • Examples of the GREAT pillar


  • Review of ANUGA 2015


  • The devolved administrations have their own trade teams, delivering services analogous to UKTI’s.
  • Our advisers are overwhelmingly from the private sector, with experience in international trade/investment.